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Protecting Your Smile During Cold and Flu Season: Dental Care Tips

a woman with flu symptoms

Whenever you start experiencing chills, body aches, sniffles, and a sore throat, you know the flu and cold season are upon us. Cold and flu symptoms can quickly become a nuisance, and they can range from mild to severe.

This is when it’s essential to be extra careful about your health and take preventative measures to ensure you and your family are safe from the flu.

Seasonal illnesses can also impact your teeth and gums, leading to dental health concerns. But fear not. There are several ways to protect your oral health and ensure your pearly whites remain free from any periodontal disease.

Here are some cold and flu dental care tips for the flu season.

The Connection Between the Flu and Oral Health


a woman with a cough


The flu is a type of viral infection that attacks the throat, lungs, and the nose. Flu symptoms are contagious, and they can range from mild to severe. Colds and flu can weaken the immune system, making an individual more susceptible to infections, especially oral cavity infections. This is why it’s essential to look after your dental health during this time and ensure you’re practicing proper oral hygiene to minimize the chances of dental concerns.


How to Ensure Optimal Oral Health During Flu Season

Here are some tips from our dental care experts to keep in mind.


A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Stick to a proper oral hygiene routine, even if you’re feeling unwell. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Keep your mouth clean to prevent plaque and bacteria build-up. Plaque and bacteria accumulation can lead to tooth decay and all kinds of gum diseases, especially if your immune system is compromised.


Drink A Lot of Liquids

It’s crucial to stay well hydrated when you’re experiencing flu symptoms. This is because your body requires extra hydration and liquids to fight the infection. Many individuals experience dry mouth when they have a cold. Saliva helps to decrease the amount of any cavity-causing bacteria and increases the chances of gum disease and cavities.

Make sure to drink plenty of soups, teas, and juices to load up on water.


Saltwater Gargles

Never underestimate the effectiveness of saltwater gargles. Dissolve a spoonful of salt in warm water and gargle. This will help decrease the amount of oral bacteria and provide relief to your throat.


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